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We are founded and operated by Sean C. Houlihan. Mr Houlihan has prior experience as a cash flow broker as he founded, developed, and sold Quote Me A (a leading factoring auction website) Mr Houlihan brings a unique set of skills to this business because of his knowledge of funding companies. As well as this, Mr. Houlihan is known to give value or the best deal to clients in any endeavor he is in. Mr. Houlihan was also a former Board Member of the Epilepsy Foundation of MA and is proud of his service with this organization.  He is a former epileptic and brain surgery patient, and hense a disabled business owner. With that being stated, Mr. Houlihan has a strong affection towards helping the structured settlement owners in getting back the best price possible.  (which is why his fee is only .5% of the funding price)


The mission at payment is to provide both structured settlement and note holders the ideal method to get the most cash back for their payments. To accomplish this by utilizing a competitive marketplace of multiple quotes. To further force unscroupulous settlement buyers out of the market by means of fair competition

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